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Citrus Power

We would like to intoduce you to our range of fantastically efficient, easy to use, economical, commercial cleaning products.

Powerful proven cleaners that have been used extensively in many industries throughout New Zealand for the past five years.

Citrus Power Range
Kanerie Clean Citrus Wash
2 Spray Clean
Ink Rid
4x4 Multi-Purpose Vehicle Cleaner

Citrus Power is a super concentrated highly versatile multipurpose cleaner being used extensively throughout many industries in New Zealand. These include trucking and bus companies, car hires, groomers and yards, engineering, panel-beaters, hotels, motels, clubs, marine and general households.

Uses include fibreglass, car floor mats, headlining, light oil stains, floors, sinks, plastic showers, tubs, toilets, silver, smoke damage, walls, woodwork, curtain siders, engines, exhaust stains, rust stains, adhesive, oily driveways, kitchens, ovens, alloy, chrome, steam cleaning, general cleaning.

Can be used either manually or through a water blaster.

Available in 5L and 20L containers


Kanerie Clean Citrus Wash excels at economically cleaning and degreasing dirt and grime from most types of surfaces.

It is Citrus Power based with added foaming agents and d-limonene to provide an environmentally superior solution for cleaning trucks, buses, cars, floors, concrete, stoves, benches, baths, showers, toilets, etc and house exteriors with or without a water blaster.

Available in 5L and 20L containers


2 Spray Clean is a highly versatile, aggressive, solvent cleaner which can replace a wide range of both general and specialised cleaning products designed to remove grease and oil.

Can be used at 1% for general cleaning, through to neat on garage floors.

Available in 20L containers and 200L drums.


Ultimate is a powdered foaming cleaner designed to remove road grime from painted and aluminium vehicles safely. Ultimate is suitable for cleaning trucks, buses, cars and for general factory cleaning, and is intended to be the most economical product for these applications.

Ultimate provides a safe method to clean vehicle exterior surfaces from the point of view of the operator, the vehicle and the environment. Ultimate is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly as it relies on organic components to clean without the need for a high pH or harsh alkalinity.

Available in a 12.5kg bag (2 bags per box).


Ink Rid is a powerful pen remover for the removal of unwanted pen marks from most surfaces

Ink Rid is especially effective in the removal of permanent marker, felt pen or biro from most surfaces. It is great for removing pen marks from carpets, upholstery, felt, bench tops, walls, floors and many other fabric and hard surfaces.

Available in 500ml bottles and 20L drums.


Fungiguard® provides a treatment to sterilise and deodorise air conditioning systems both at home and at work plus in cars, trucks, and buses.

Fungiguard® contains alcohol, and a pleasant perfume which when combined with its lasting sanitiser rids air conditioning units from unpleasant smells and reduces health risks from airborne infection.

Available in 1L, 5L and 20L containers. Spray bottles available.


4x4 Multi-Purpose Vehicle Cleaner is a strongly alkaline cleaner boosted with ammonia and solvents to provide exceptional grease cutting ability for removing road film from vehicles.

4x4 is useful for cleaning painted surfaces, under bonnet areas, chassis, machinery parts cleaning, windscreen washers and concrete cleaning.

Available in 200L drums.